Things you can do to keep our lake clean:

  • Lawn care modifications - consider eliminating, reducing, or choosing an organic fertilizer
  • Yard alterations - reduce size of lawn by planting more scrubs and native plants
  • Pet Management - pick up feces often
  • Sustain septic system maintenance
  • Reduce water runoff - plant a rain garden or add a rain barrel to collect and reuse rain water
  • After recreational practices - use lead free fishing tackle, don't use the lake as a toilet, check boat upon entry and exit
  • Minimize use of detergents - don't bath self or pets directly in lake. Wash car on lawn or take to carwash.
  • Consider lake proximity with new home construction - the further away the better
  • Consider a buffer zone - and/or try to keep shoreline as natural as possible

Lake Facts

Two Rivers Lake located in the North Central Hardwood Forest ecoregion

  • 583.48 acres
  • 6.55 miles shore length
  • 63 feet is the maximum depth
  • 21 feet is the mean depth
  • 3 Inlets
  • 1 Outlet
  • Volume is 12,650 acre-feet
  • Watershed area is 58 square miles (37,200 acres)